Another Day After
June 6, 2011, 8:40 AM

Having just listened to the sermon from yesterday, it gives me a little different perspective than when I am standing in front of you delivering it.  One thing that occurs to me:  I am sometimes not aware of how hard I'm pounding a particular point.  In this case, my hope was that I could say, "Hey, all of the good stuff we read in the Bible about God's sovereignty is there to encourage us in God's love.  Not make us mean, cold twits."  I wanted to make sure that we know the point of God's prerogative in salvation is pastoral:  God takes care of us; he provides for us; we can't blow it when we belong savingly to God through Christ (i.e. Allstate policy #1 Eternal Security).  However, in the rear-view mirror, I heard myself going overboard trying to caricature God's sovereignty to set things up.  Too much precious pulpit time was spent beating that dead horse!

In spite of all that, there really was something that we needed to hear yesterday.  I am thankful that New Hope is not a Red Meat congregation (you're really not...yeah!)  However, having said that, we could all benefit from taking the pastoral point of God's sovereignty.  Are we the kind of people that others want to be around?  Does kindness and humility define us?  Does the graciousness of God compel us to be gracious people in all things?  This is the kind of stuff that the so-called "doctrines of grace" are supposed to work out in us.

Please do let me know what you heard yesterday.  I hope you heard grace!  

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