Paying More Attention to Jesus
August 2, 2011, 11:22 AM

As I reflect on Sunday's message from Hebrews, I am aware that in preaching, there is always a need for qualifications.  For instance, when I said on Sunday that one of the biggest problems with the Faith is not that we don't think the right things about Jesus, but that we don't think enough of him.  Now, quite obviously, it should go without saying that there are huge problems with what we think about Jesus in the Church!  (Heresy, I'm afraid, is still alive and well in the Church, even if it seems unthinkingly knee-jerk at best or unduly harsh on the downside to describe creative thinking about Jesus.)  But not to digress, I was trying on Sunday to focus on the practical reality that we do indeed need to think more about the Jesus that we do know.  You are -- members of New Hope -- a well-churched bunch.  You have heard the story countless times.  You have heard Sunday school lessons from time immemorial.  But, reality check here:  How much does that story impact your day to day life?

Life does have a way of getting in the way.  Sometimes it is hard to "live it" when the culture surrounding us is fairly dismissive about much of it.  As I promised, here is that CNN FaithBlog poll I referenced in the sermon.  Read it here.  Amazing to me that a survey questioner could actually get away with such an irreverent and absurd question.  My opinion, of course.  However, it does take the spiritual temperature of our culture.  And the verdict is:  A lot of drifting.  Come on folks, let's think more about our Savior!

I came across another web item -- a video that illustrates the point so well in a different kind of way.  In China, they don't have the liberties that we have here in the States to worship and think on the Savior.  In China, some Christians must really take big risks to think more deeply about Jesus.  What a testimony that some of these brothers and sisters in the Lord have to share!   Check out this video:  Go Here.

Keep thinking, don't drift!

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