Revelation: What the Spirit Says to the Churches
Delivered By
Cameron Smith
Delivered On
February 2, 2020
Central Passage
Revelation 3:1-6
Sermon #5 of 7 -- Sardis

God’s plan for His Church is never to establish a little holy huddle of the righteous.
The blessing of the remnant is to increase the remnant.
To magnify the Good News that God has come to us in His Son.
To pursue us. To woo us. To reconcile us. To remake us. To die for us. To be raised for us.
God comes even closer to us through the Holy Spirit.

Let me return to the five verbs that begin the letter to Sardis:
Wake up! God loves you. You are here by Divine appointment.
Strengthen what remains. You know the Gospel. The seed is there if you are here.
Remember. Don’t be forgetful. Grow what you have. Inhabit what you know.
Keep. Keep the Faith.
Repent. Above all. Live a life of turning to God; and away from your “sleepiness.”

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